Photo Project

Found Shapes
by Michael Leone & Melissa Buchiere

My partner and I decided to take on the task of finding objects around Hunter and creating an art show out of then. What we soon came to realize while on the search to take pictures was how hard it was to actually find objects that we considered art. As we were walking on the air bridge from hunter north towards hunter west one of us had the idea to go to the library. We both thought that the staircase there could be interesting to shoot. The geometric design intrigued us and we tried to get some shots at different angles that would best display its triangular shapes. While we were there we also took some various shots of certain object in the library. We tried to play on the angles at which we were shooting. By doing this we hoped to make the viewer question what they were looking at even though they are things they come into contact with everyday.

When reviewing our shots of the day were agreed that three of the frames best displayed our viewpoint of shapes found around hunter. We see these as describing the experience of the student in the library. This first photograph is an areal shot taken at the very top of the staircase whereas the third shot was taken from the very bottom. These both signify the journey of every student makes in and out of this place to study and do work. The second photo is of the desk dividers that keep us all secluded and guarded from distractions from our work. This shot shot of geometric shapes perhaps symbolizes the thought processes we all us while sitting in those little cubes. We try and pull from the dark corners of our minds to somehow shed some light on what we are studying. Much like the composition of this piece.

We decided to edit our photographs in a program called toy camera in order to highlight the moods we are trying to capture with our found shapes. By adding contrast in color and grain the mood of darkness and sullenness is clearly displayed. We think that this was the fishing touch that we needed in conveying an overall style and feeling to these pieces.


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