Feedback on Class

Media 150 was different from any other class I have taken at hunter so far because it allowed us to be creative and work on projects that were more hands on. It was a nice relief from my other classes which were all academic. I knew photoshop already but I found learning html very interesting. I would really like to develop those skills further. Even though these programs dont really directly relate to my goal of being a film editor I feel they are nice to know anyways. I really liked the group activities and the group criticism that took place in class. Even though we only had one partner we see got to know other people and see their work. I made some acquaintances in the class but I did get the chance to work with a good friend. We got to see each others strengths and weaknesses. It was great to start working with one another. The most eye-opening assignment for me was the photography assignment. After seeing the photos my lab partner and I took I realized that we had a good eye and that we worked well together. It was very inspiring. The most challenging assignment was the html one. When CSS was thrown in it was very easy to get confused and I had to get help outside the class to really figure out how to do it. I think what was the most irritating was the equipment we had to use for the photography and film class. I wish we had more time to do video projects. I was really disappointed that we only spent one week doing videos. So my suggestion would be to have more time on videos and maybe less photoshop assignments. As for teaching methods I feel that lecture seemed pointless during some weeks. Some of the material, I feel, is better taught in the section were we can learn it hands on. For example, the photoshop section. I feel that the video topic was most relevant but the editing topic was missing. I feel that I contributed some good work to the class and I also brought the classes work together through our alphabet assignment. For me, my idea learning environment would take place in the sections. I learn better in that environment where as the lecture just made me sleepy. Just have sections and no lecture. 



A couple days ago my lab partner, Michael and I took a visit to the Museum of Modern Art.I wanted to go to the Moma because I’ve never been there before and it was free.  Since it was my first trip there I was a little overwhelmed. I wasnt sure what to expect before I went but I guess it was probably just modern art.  I just wish I could spend a a whole day there to really look at everything. One of the highlights of my visit was the exhibit by Dieter Roth.

Roth was an  Icelandic artist born 1930 and died 1998.

Dieter Roth

 Solo Szenen (Solo Scenes) 1997-1998

In one of the rooms there were three different shelves that held 128 TVs. Each one plays a part of Roth’s daily life. This ranged from him sleeping to him working on art and even his bathroom routine. I felt that this was a very interesting project because it seems like such a commitment and an invasion of privacy.

I feel that this type of art relates to media because it involves complete devotion which media sometimes calls for. When it comes to doing a documentary for example you have to see it through till the end. Once you become involved there is no turning back. This is why I loved this project.

Also at the MOMA I saw tons of photography which reminded me of our photo projects. I really enjoyed the Cindy Sherman exhibit. This trip really allowed me to see how crazy some people are and how they portray that in their art. It made me want to express my crazy side through art more.

I really enjoyed the MOMA because as CUNY student we get in for free. So I feel for future field trips it would be nice to go there to take advantage of this great opportunity.

My Questions to Romantic Friendship

Romantic Friendship

  1. Do you have any radio Dj influences?
  2. Do you find that being a radio Dj affects your style in music?
  3. If you could choose to interview anyone on your radio show, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
  4. What are your initial feelings after you end an episode of your show? Relief? Satisfaction?
  5. When you started the radio show where you nervous about starting it? Where you afraid that what you were producing would not be heard?

Film Review – 3/15/12


By Gary Hustwit

Well I never thought there would be a 80 minute film devoted to just one of the many types of fonts. Although this topic seems interesting at first I feel that this film responds better to someone that is interested in the graphic design field than the film. Not saying that typography isn’t something a filmmaker should know, it just seems that knowing all this background information about one single font doesn’t really benefit the everyday person let alone a filmmaker.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing on this film. I believe if you have a genuine interest in graphic design, typography, or you just have a curious mind this film would be great to watch. It is very knowledgable and it really opens your eyes to the world of type around you. Without realizing it we probably see the helvetica font everyday on posters, store signs, or ads.

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