Creative Statement

The Puzzle Of Many Possibilities

To some, editing seems to be a daunting and time consuming task that they can’t fathom doing. The idea of sitting in front of a computer for hours on end staring at a screen seems bizarre. So why exactly do I like to do it?

Throughout my life I found myself getting joy from solving problems. In high school, when all the other kids were complaining about how much they hated math class I couldn’t help but to enjoy it. Going through the steps to solve the problems was something I enjoyed but math was definitely not a path I wanted to go down. I guess my mind just likes to be puzzled but in a more creative way.

This is why I like editing. I see films as a creative puzzle. Taking pieces that when separate seem like an unorganized chaos but when put together they create a steady piece that flows without showing how unconnected these clips were before. The puzzle metaphor seems like a great fit but the difference is that a puzzle, like a math question, has only one solution. The beauty of editing is that the outcome can be different every time.

Although editors seem to be just one of the contributing factors to a great movie, to me, it is a role that is of great importance. Whether it be feature films, short films, music videos or even commercials I feel the most in control and creative when I’m editing.


One thought on “Creative Statement

  1. I really admire that you have a focused interest like editing. Its something a lot a people find difficult and the fact that you see it as a puzzle is really interesting. You are a true inspiration!

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