Feedback on Class

Media 150 was different from any other class I have taken at hunter so far because it allowed us to be creative and work on projects that were more hands on. It was a nice relief from my other classes which were all academic. I knew photoshop already but I found learning html very interesting. I would really like to develop those skills further. Even though these programs dont really directly relate to my goal of being a film editor I feel they are nice to know anyways. I really liked the group activities and the group criticism that took place in class. Even though we only had one partner we see got to know other people and see their work. I made some acquaintances in the class but I did get the chance to work with a good friend. We got to see each others strengths and weaknesses. It was great to start working with one another. The most eye-opening assignment for me was the photography assignment. After seeing the photos my lab partner and I took I realized that we had a good eye and that we worked well together. It was very inspiring. The most challenging assignment was the html one. When CSS was thrown in it was very easy to get confused and I had to get help outside the class to really figure out how to do it. I think what was the most irritating was the equipment we had to use for the photography and film class. I wish we had more time to do video projects. I was really disappointed that we only spent one week doing videos. So my suggestion would be to have more time on videos and maybe less photoshop assignments. As for teaching methods I feel that lecture seemed pointless during some weeks. Some of the material, I feel, is better taught in the section were we can learn it hands on. For example, the photoshop section. I feel that the video topic was most relevant but the editing topic was missing. I feel that I contributed some good work to the class and I also brought the classes work together through our alphabet assignment. For me, my idea learning environment would take place in the sections. I learn better in that environment where as the lecture just made me sleepy. Just have sections and no lecture. 


My Blog-speration!

Scouting New York 

There are many steps in preproduction that sometimes end up overlooked.
A Location Scout might be one of those steps. Back at my old college I took a class called Movie Business. This class was taught by Nora Brown, a location scout that lived in/around Rochester. When I found this out I didn’t really think that much of it. It felt like it was just a job that consisted of a person sitting in an office waiting for calls and googling locations and asking to film in them.

I was wrong.

When I moved to the city in August I came across this blog Scouting New York. Basically Nick Carr, a location scout, goes around New York taking pictures of a wide range of places for filming possibilities and post the pictures as well as his experiences in these places on his blog. I was instantly hooked onto this blog because he went places that sometimes average people aren’t allowed to go and he takes pictures for all to see. It also was intriguing because it showed  places around the city that are cool and some that may have appeared in old films.

I find this to be an inspiring blog because it sheds light on another important role played in a films production. After all location is key.