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Scouting New York 

There are many steps in preproduction that sometimes end up overlooked.
A Location Scout might be one of those steps. Back at my old college I took a class called Movie Business. This class was taught by Nora Brown, a location scout that lived in/around Rochester. When I found this out I didn’t really think that much of it. It felt like it was just a job that consisted of a person sitting in an office waiting for calls and googling locations and asking to film in them.

I was wrong.

When I moved to the city in August I came across this blog Scouting New York. Basically Nick Carr, a location scout, goes around New York taking pictures of a wide range of places for filming possibilities and post the pictures as well as his experiences in these places on his blog. I was instantly hooked onto this blog because he went places that sometimes average people aren’t allowed to go and he takes pictures for all to see. It also was intriguing because it showed  places around the city that are cool and some that may have appeared in old films.

I find this to be an inspiring blog because it sheds light on another important role played in a films production. After all location is key.


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